Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Minor Tremors felt at 9221 Rumsey road, columbia, MD-08232011

I was sitting in my office when the walls in front of me started to shake. First of all I thought someone was moving something next door. Then the tremors extended to roof and every walls around me. So I thought someone was on the roof. But then I realized we did not have access to roof. That;s when my colleagues came running down and we all went outside where other people also had got out of their buliding. That is when we realized that we had just experienced a 3.5 point quake just like the one last year in July 2010. Did any one else experience this. Please share your experience

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

American Consumer opinion

I am a member of an online opinion panel called American Consumer Opinion® . It is an online community where I get email invitations to participate in surveys at my convenience. Sometimes they even mail out product samples to try out at home. For completing a screener my name gets entered into a sweepstakes for cash prizes and for completing full surveys I receive real dollars, not just points, starting at $4 for a 15 minute survey and going up from there!
I thought you might be interested in joining American Consumer Opinion® since they are looking for residents in and surrounding the Baltimore, MD area that are interested in helping local business owners become more competitive. It just takes a few minutes to register to become a member so you can start having your opinion heard too!
Your information will never be used for sales or advertising purposes, and your name will never be sold.
When you are ready to register:

or copy and paste the link below into your internet browser:

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Beginning of New Year

This is a delayed continuation of the posts posted on site http://www.getmoney4survey.blogspot.com/. You can click on the above link to know more about surveys sites, which my friend has written before. In this blog I continue to do the same that my friend had started 3 years ago but somehow could not continue it. I too apologise for being unable to take upon the responsibility that my friend had transferred upon me, however, nothing is lost. Past 2 years (time since his last post) had introduced me to very good survey sites which have paid me generously (not generous enough to quit my job, but generous enough to pay my monthly cell phone ($75) and some grocery bills ($75). So in this blog I will continue introducing you readers to new survey sites at the same time will also post my monthly earnings from all of these sites, so you can feel good about these sites. Should the readers have any comments or anything to suggest or experience to share please do so as and when necessary. These input will just help us all to earn extra income.